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    Home sick


  2. Meanwhile, in Gaza..

  3. Overcast, A Simple Podcast App Featuring Voice Boost, Smart Speed, and More

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    We rode Harley-Davidson’s incredible electric motorcycle
    Outside of Harley-Davidson’s Lower Manhattan store on Monday, a group of Harley enthusiasts leaned against the railing of a construction canopy, smoking cigarettes and chatting about work while they waited in line to be one of the very first people in the world to take a ride Harley’s newest motorcycle. The bike they were waiting for wasn’t the latest loud, hulking monument to two-wheeled American chrome though: this was something altogether different. Harley was introducing Project LiveWire, its first electric motorcycle, and it had brought over a dozen of them to its Manhattan store for a limited preview of the bikes before they go on tour around the US for the rest of the year, beginning today. LiveWire is far from the type of bike that Harley enthusiast are used to. It has a single gear, a touchscreen dashboard, and no gas to speak of. Oh, and it’s quiet. Really, really quiet.

  6. Got this amazing present from my awesome girl!


  7. Contra A Copa: The Other Side of Brazil’s World Cup (1/4)

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  8. Designing a warp drive space ship for NASA


  10. Six months ago, we’ve lost this amazing guy. Way too soon, dad..